Mr. Roger White

Principal, Columbia Central High School

My name is Roger White, Principal of CHS and I am a proud 1983 graduate of CHS.

We are proud of our school, staff, students and alumni. High expectations are demanded here at our school. Our goal is to provide a challenging and exemplary education for all students in a safe learning environment.

We encourage all parents to be involved in your child’s education here at CHS. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or an administrator here at our school.

We are proud of our tradition of excellence here at Central and encourage you to be a part of Lion Nation!

Roger White, Principal
Columbia Central High School
931-381-2222 x 1095

Administrative Team

Dr. Mac
Dr. Rose McClain, Assistant Principal   

Mrs. Tammy Robertson, Assistant Principal  

Mr. Lee Thomason, Assistant Principal