Cheer Camp

2022-23 Cheer Information & Camp
All 2022 - 23 Cheer Squads! 

See graphic above for Cheer Camp dates.

All camp fees must be paid in advance.

Here's how:

You will enter your athletes name and the amount ($209.00)

Individual Payment Process:

1.You will need this registration number: 0011078844

2. Click this link and enter your registration number and then press Find Registration.

3. The school/program name and the event will pull up, then click Make Payment.

4. Type in the box the athlete’s first and last name and then press Next.

5. Put amount of payment in the payment box, followed by your billing info. Enter your contact email which will be utilized to send a confirmation email that payment was received. Press Next.

6. Enter Credit Card Information and click Make Payment.

For further information and questions contact Marc Higdon, athletic director at