Class Ring Project

The Rites of Passage - CHS Ring Project 

Traditionally class rings are a way to show both school spirit as well as document the interest students had during their high school years. They also show the affiliation and camaraderie with others during and following graduation. Regretfully, many rings are stored away in drawers, safes, lost, or destroyed.

So the question is, "What do we do with these class rings?" 

Columbia Central High School is proud to announce the receipt of a unique piece of furniture to be used to display class rings or yester-years. The display case will be constructed and delivered to CHS and placed in the Event Entrance Hall. Each graduating class will have one (1) ring to represent that class as well as a name plate recognizing the generous alumni. Classes with multiple rings donated will have a rotation for displaying those rings. 

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Conceptual Design (60" wide x 57" tall x 30" deep)
Chest1      Chest2